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First place, for the second time, in less than a week!

Less than a week after winning first place in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, Zzapp's technology and commitment to social impact were recognized in another prestigious competition, Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2021. Out of 1745 groups from 126 countries, Zzapp was selected as the grand prize winner and received a $250K award.

The Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge was launched in 2016 to jumpstart innovative ideas that benefit society, catalyze economic growth, and create jobs. Over the past four years, Cisco awarded a total of $1.25M to 43 start-ups in 15 countries, and this year increased the total annual prize pool to $1M. Applications were examined by Cisco technology experts and high-profile judges, as well as by hundreds of Cisco employees, who volunteered their time to review and rate applications over multiple rounds of competition.


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