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The $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE



Zzapp Malaria was announced grand prize winner of the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE!

Visit the XPRIZE website to learn more.


The IBM Watson AI XPRIZE is an international competition challenging teams to develop AI to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges. The initiative aims to highlight how humans and machines can work together towards a better future, promoting the positive aspects of the powerful technology.

The competition was launched in 2016 with thousands of teams from around the world applying to be considered, and by March 2017, 147 teams were selected to participate. Zzapp malaria joined in 2018 during the first of two wildcard rounds, where three new teams with groundbreaking ideas were selected to join.

Over the course of the competition, teams were evaluated in several rounds on their technical solution, real-world impact, scalability, ethics and safety. In February 2020, ten semifinalist teams presented before a panel of expert judges and a live audience at the TED headquarters in New York City, and three finalists were selected, including Zzapp Malaria.

IBM Watson, who sponsors the prize, has provided guidance and support to finalists through their elite data science and AI team. In collaboration with Zzapp, this team of leading AI experts has developed weather analysis modules that fit into Zzapp’s system, improving temporal optimization of interventions (read more).

In June of 2021, Zzapp Malaria was announced the grand prize winner, receiving a $3M award. Aifred Health and Marinus Analytics came second and third, receiving prizes of $1M and $0.5M.

Visit the XPRIZE website to learn more about the competition.

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