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A child dies of malaria every minute.
Zzapp's innovative AI helps eliminate the disease.

Zzapp creates malaria elimination strategies powered by artificial intelligence, and delivers them directly to the field through a dedicated mobile app.

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Empowering malaria control operations

Twice as cost-effective as bed nets in urban areas

In collaboration with the ministry of health in São Tomé and Príncipe, Zzapp conducted an 8-month larviciding operation covering 125 square kilometers of urban and rural areas, home to approximately 166,000 people.


We succeeded in reducing the mosquito population by 74.9% and malaria cases by 52.5% at a cost of approximately $0.44 PPP in urban areas, which is twice as cost-effective as today’s leading method, bed nets. 

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Successful urban larviciding in Ghana

Zzapp has partnered with AGAMal, a leading malaria control organization based in Ghana, to conduct a controlled trial examining the impact of larviciding guided by Zzapp in Obuasi, a city of more than 200,000 people.


The operation concluded in February 2020, and reduced the malaria-transmitting mosquito population by 60% compared to a control. The cost per person protected was less than 4% of a typical house spraying intervention in the area.



Malaria elimination strategies powered by AI


The Zzapp software system supports the planning and implementation of malaria elimination operations, as well as mosquito surveillance activities.

By analyzing satellite images and topographical maps, Zzapp’s AI identifies malaria transmission hotspots and optimizes malaria elimination strategies for each location. Our map-based mobile app conveys the AI strategies to field workers as simple instructions, ensuring accurate implementation and quick feedback from the field.


In addition, our system uses water body sampling data and AI-guided positioning of mosquito traps to measure the size, type, and spread of mosquito populations over time.

zzapp system
the Burden of Malria

​The Burden of Malaria

Malaria, a disease caused by a mosquito-borne blood parasite, kills more than 600,000 people per year. Children under 5 are especially vulnerable, and account for more than 85% of victims. While 95% of malaria cases occur in sub-Saharan Africa, over 40% of the world’s population is at risk of contracting the disease. 

600,000 die
every year

Children under 5
at highest risk

Children under 5
at highest risk

More than 3 billion people at risk


Grand prize winner in the $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE


The IBM Watson AI XPRIZE challenged teams to demonstrate how humans can work with artificial intelligence to tackle global challenges. On June 23rd, 2021, Zzapp was announced the winner of the $3M grand prize in this prestigious competition. 

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