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Artificial Intelligence for Malaria Elimination 


Comprehensive Campaign Management System 

Zzapp's mobile app guides workers through all stages of larviciding and house spraying operations. ​

In a controlled field trial in Ghana, workers guided by the app detected 28% more water sources than the control group. 

Monitor all campaign data through an intuitive and powerful online dashboard. 

The dashboard communicates with Zzapp's mobile app, enabling remote task assignment and data sharing. 

“With this approach we will finally be able to eliminate malaria from our country”


Mustafa Mijyawa, Minister of Health, Togo

Artificial Intelligence Campaign Planning Tool 


Zzapp's planning tool uses artificial intelligence and mathematical modeling to tailor intervention strategies to individual towns and villages. 

The planning tool improves cost-effectiveness and maximizes the impact of available resources, paving the way towards malaria eradication. 

Artificial intelligence that will change the world  

Zzapp is a top-10 team in the $5M XPRIZE AI competition for artificial intelligence that will make a positive impact on the world. 

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March 2019
Vector control staff from the South Africa malaria control program test out Zzapp's mobile app in the field. 

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